Audition information for Gypsy - our July 2018 summer musical.

Directed and staged by Peter Boynton and Nick Corley.
Musical Direction by Jono Mainelli

To be considered for auditions for this production, please send head shots and resumes to
Many actors will cover multiple roles. Candidates will be notified when auditions are scheduled.


Uncle Jocko / Mr. Weber / Cigar                                                           *Michael Halloran

Georgie (Jocko's asst.) / Tulsa                                                                 *Nicholas Caycedo

Mother #1 / Tessie Tura / Mrs. Cratchit                                               *Jennifer Warwick

Mother #2 / Mazeppa                                                                                *Taryn Noelle

Mother #3 / Electra                                                                                    *Rachel Natvig

Balloon Girl                                                                                                  Girl: 10-15 yrs. old: non-singing role

Accordion Boy /Rich Man's Kid                                                              Boy: 10-15 yrs. old: singing/dancing role                                                        

Baby June                                                                                                     Girl: 10-15 yrs. old: featured singing/dancing role

Baby Louise                                                                                                  Girl: 10-15 yrs. old: featured singing/dancing role

Mama Rose                                                                                                   *Ann Harvey

Pop / Mr. Goldstone                                                                                   *Karl Klein

Tap Dancing Urchin                                                                                   Boy: 10-15 yrs. old: singing/dancing role

Boy Scout                                                                                                      Boy: 10-15 yrs. old: singing/dancing role

Herbie                                                                                                            *Peter Boynton

Louise                                                                                                             *Clarise Fearn

June                                                                                                                *Victoria Fearn

LA / Pastey                                                                                                   *Tim Lewis

Yonkers / Phil (stage manager)                                                              *Nikolas Kaim

Agnes ('Amanda') - Hollywood Blondes                                                *Eliza Hill

Dolores - Hollywood Blondes                                                                   *Kaity McSalis

Marjorie May - Hollywood Blondes                                                        *Laura Valastro

More information on the casting for Baby June, Baby Louise and the Newsboys:

young Gypsy Ropse Lee & June Havoc.jpg

First Step to Broadway!

Every successful performer has wistful stories about their first professional stage experience. Here’s a chance to help start that journey for your favorite young performer!

The Skinner Barn Theater Company, under the direction of Broadway veteran Peter Boynton, will hold local auditions to fill featured roles for young actors in this summer’s production of the musical Gypsy. The musical’s artistic team includes Broadway veterans Nick Corley as co-director with Mr. Boynton, and music director Jono Mainelli. All rehearsals and performances will be held at The Skinner Barn in Waitsfield.

We are casting the (6) following roles:

Baby June - 6-12 yrs. old / big singing voice / able to perform a split is a plus / she is the star of the act!

Baby Louise - 6-12 yrs. old / she is June’s older sister / grows up to be Gypsy Rose Lee / moves & sings well

Balloon Girl (Baby June-Baby Louise cover) - 6-12 yrs. old

Young Tulsa - Young LA - Young Yonkers  - 6-12 yrs. old / they are featured boy dancer-singers in June’s act / strong singing voices & personalities

These young actors are featured in the first five scenes of act one of the musical, and are then replaced by older actors who play their grown-up versions as the story continues.

Rehearsals will start the last week of June and the show runs the last two weeks of July for ten performances, with all curtain times at 8 PM. As noted above, these roles are featured in the first act of the show, and the young actors can be released each evening by @9 PM if desired.

The 1962 film version of the musical, starring Rosalind Russell, is a good way to get an idea of the stage show for those who don’t know it. Preparations for the mid-March auditions can be very simple: we ask each auditioner to prepare a short song and be ready to learn some simple dance steps. An accompanist will be provided at the auditions.

For more information go to To sign your child up for the auditions, contact Peter Boynton at 802 496-4422, or