The Mad River Valley

This is a wonderful 19-minute documentary of the Mad River Valley produced by Mount Mansfield Media for the Mad River Valley Chamber of Commerce. Look for footage of the Skinner Barn Theater Co. and owner Peter Boynton at 10:40 and 15:50 of the video timeline!

Come for the mountains...
                     stay for The Valley!

We are located in the town of Waitsfield which is one of the four towns that make up the Mad River Valley, best known for the Sugarbush and Mad River Glen ski areas. Vermont is known for its rolling green mountains, historic New England architecture, unobstructed views, (there are no billboards allowed on Vermont’s roads! Not a one!), and rural agricultural settings. Waitsfield offers the amenities of a major resort destination and the homey atmosphere of a small rural community. The perfect place for your destination wedding or get-away four-season vacation.



Things to do

The Farmers Market
The Vermont Festival of the Arts
The Skinner Barn Musical Theater Festival
The Warren Airport Air Show
The Green Mountain Stage Race
The Mad Marathon
Warren Fourth of July Parade


Census information

Population                              4,777
Land Area                               127.726 squ. miles
People per square mile         @37