Dale Loeffler and her team

Weddings at The Skinner Barn are a collaboration between the vendor team, the site owner and the couple. We've pulled together an experienced team of talented wedding artists who take enormous pride in their work. They have a single focus: creating and executing the magical day that you have envisioned!

There’s lots to talk about and the process should be enjoyable. We always tell couples that if at any time during their planning they’re not having fun, then they’re probably doing something wrong! Your planning adventure leading up to the big day should be as memorable as the wedding day itself!

An important part of your day will be overseen by the catering crew and Dale Loeffler and her staff can’t wait to speak with you! Dale will want to know your party size, (we host events of up to 125 guests), your catering budget and your vision for the menu. She and her staff will then propose a first draft of the menu and you’re off! The process of developing the menu is done at your pace and Dale will offer guidance and suggestions every step of the way. 

Visit Dale's web site.

Think Green. Think Local.

Every Saturday morning in the summer, there’s a great farmers’ market downtown, which we highly recommend as a nice way for your guests to start their special day in The Mad River Valley.

There are some great bakers, local farm products, and dozens of other local artisans, making it a perfect setting for a relaxed get-together. 

Dale and her crew can prepare your meals with local, seasonal ingredients, relying on surrounding farmers, growers, and artisans.

Moreover, most small businesses and regional farms employ sustainable business and farming practices that help keep the magic of the region intact. So, eat your scenery!