1- A 50% deposit is required to book a function at The Skinner Barn.  The remaining balance is due no later than 10 days before the day of the event. Should renters cancel their event for any reason, the deposit will be refunded only if their date can be re-booked by the barn owner with a comparable event.

2- The facility fee includes our chair and table inventory, our PA system, and supervision of guest parking. The facility fee does not include dishware, glassware, linens, or kitchen equipment. Rental of these items is arranged through Vermont Tent Company. Click here to review table/chair inventory.

3- The barn owner requires copies of all music vendor contracts prior to signature to ensure that all of the following points have been met: 

  • a- As The Skinner Barn is in an agricultural/residential neighborhood, live music, DJs or music played on our PA system must end by 9:30 pm. 
  • b- Acoustic instruments and low-volume amplification in the hayloft area are permitted.
  • c- DJ's and self-mixed devices with your playlists work well and the house sound system may be used for your convenience.
  • d- Live bands that feature rock, funk or heavily amplified music are not appropriate for this venue and are not allowed. Bluegrass, jazz, Big Band, and traditional music bands work well here and are welcome.
  • e- Acoustic (unamplified, non-electric) music for your outside ceremony and outside reception is welcomed.
  • f- Amplified music and percussion instruments are not permitted outside on the barn grounds. This includes electric pianos, sound systems, etc.

4- Smoking is not allowed in The Skinner Barn.

5- Buses, (school buses and coaches of all sizes), are not allowed for several safety and logistical reasons. No vehicles are allowed to load or off-load guests or materials on our rural gravel road  - again, for safety reasons. All vehicles will load and unload guests in the parking area only. Guests are free to leave their vehicles overnight and pick them up the next morning.

6- As they are not allowed by Town ordinance, renters shall not place temporary direction signs on the roads leading to The Skinner Barn.

7- You are welcome to use candles inside The Skinner Barn as long as they have a sturdy, substantial base or holder and are not prone to tip over. No fireworks of any kind, including sparklers, are allowed.

8- Decorations and equipment brought into the barn will be collected by the staff at the end of the evening. We ask that someone from the wedding party pick up these items by mid-morning of the day after the event. *Bubble makers are not allowed as they create a slippery floor hazard. *Hay bales are not allowed due to fire code regulations.

9- We require complete information about your event timeline and any unusual set-up plans at least one month prior to the event. It is required that the catering crew be directly involved for the entire event, including set-up, and break down of the event. The owner does not allow the client to assume these responsibilities.

10- The barn owner and bartenders reserve the right to close down the bar or refuse service to any guest that has, in their opinion, consumed too much alcohol. Liability insurance, and a liquor license are provided by our approved beverage vendor. No self-service of alcohol is allowed. By law, no alcoholic product will be purchased or provided by the client. No alcohol shall be brought on site by the client or their guests at any time, including the period before guest arrival when the wedding party is getting ready on-site.

11- This contract pertains to the agreed upon date of the event only. Any use of the property or barn prior to the event is solely at the discretion of the owner and is dependent on the availability of the site. If available, use of the barn for one hour on the day before the wedding for a rehearsal and drop-off of supplies is offered as a courtesy. Any use of the site before the date of the event beyond the complimentary hour will be billed at $75 per hour for the first hour of use and $175 per hour thereafter. This use is solely at the discretion of the owner and is dependent on the barn’s availability.