Ready rooms

In the lower level of the barn youi'll find the guest rest rooms, and the ready rooms where the wedding party can prepare for their day.

The bride's room is in what was histrorically the milk room of the dairy barn and is well-appointed with mirrors, two tables, a clothing rack and an easy chair and sofa. The Skinner Barn is a bank barn in style, meaning it is built into the bank of a hill. This was done to take advantage of the geothermic cooling on the lowest level and is why the milk room was located here, as the room temperature stays at a comfortable 68 degrees.

The groom's room is in what was historiucally the manure shed and this space has been beautifully renovated to include a clothing rack, table and chairs, and a bed and divan, which often are useful for older or younger guests who need a quiet space during the event day. This space also has a seperate entrance to the outside of the barn which makes it easy to keep the bride and groom seperated until a first look moment if that is in your plans.

Hallway of barn lower level and Rest Rooms:

Bride's Ready Room:

Groom's Ready Room: